Hopefully, we’ll have you thinking “nice thoughts” about your computer the next time you use it and you’ll be able to get those things done that you wanted too!

We’re a group of misfits, umm I mean people who probably spend too much time on their computers and we come across many many ( that’s two many :) ) people who seem to struggle with their Computers. Now it has nothing to do with being stupid, it has everything to do with simply not knowing… and once shown, or shown a few times, it will all become second nature. Or at least less frustrating.

Oh and yes, we do hear lots of people verbalizing their desire to watch their PC’s take flight through the open window! Which we don’t recommend. Hopefully our solutions will reduce or eliminate that desire!

Now you’ve read a little about us….

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Its all good.

Ok so I guess we had better get to doing some writing and you had best get onto doing some reading and doing!

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